Suggested topics for technical meetings

  1. Aims Goals and Objectives
  2. The ABCD model for writing objectives
  3. An Introduction to using Visualisation
  4. articles about speaking
  6. Break the ice
  7. British and American English
  8. Characteristics of Learners (Primary)
  9. Checking answers
  10. Checking Understanding
  11. Circle games
  12. Classroom English
  13. Classroom layout
  14. Developing pronunciation through songs
  15. Eliciting
  16. English Clubs
  17. English Speaking Practice through Presentations
  18. Four Main Methods Learning to Read
  19. From mother tongue to other tongue
  20. Getting student feedback
  21. Group Work and Pair Work
  22. Homework
  23. How to Hold Effective Staff Meetings
  24. Improving Learners’ Listening Skill
  25. Improving Learners’ Reading Skill. doc
  26. Improving Learners’ Speaking Skill
  27. Improving Learners’ Writing Skill
  28. Increasing student interaction
  29. Learning styles and teaching
  30. Lesson Planning Main Points
  31. Lesson Planning
  32. Managing young learners
  33. Matching teaching to students
  34. Microteaching for Teachers
  35. More Songs for primary students
  36. Motivating Students
  37. Mr.Bloom’s Cognitive Verbs (Primary)
  38. Multiple intelligences
  39. Reading and Writing with Young Children
  40. Role Play
  41. Speaking to be understood in Primary Stage
  42. Starting Primary Class Management
  43. Teaching Aids ( Primary)
  44. Teaching Children Grammar Through Games
  45. Teaching Mixed Ability Classes
  46. Teaching New Vocabulary Items
  47. Tips for Reading Extensively
  48. Topics for Staff Meetings (Primary)
  49. Total Physical Response
  50. Using flash cards with young learners
  51. Young learner testing
  52. Warm-up Activities
  53. Young learner testing
  54. Young learners and the phonemic chart
  55. young_learners_book

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